Top 6 Rock Bands of All Time

1. Led ZEPPELIN : Led Zeppelin were an English musical gang framed in London in 1968. The gathering comprised of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band’s substantial, guitar-driven sound, established in blues and psychedelia on their initial collections, has earned them acknowledgment as one of […]

Choosing the Best Business Hotel for Your Next Trip

  Corporates travelling for their business purposes or to attend meetings of the company in different cities would want to stay in a good hotel, which not only provides comfort but also helps them for preparing for their work during their stay. From a good business hotel, they expect professional staff that understands their needs […]

Hotels and Serviced Apartments for Business Travelers in a Metro

  The surge in demand for hotels among business travelers has led to the rise of business hotels and business serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are like small flats, which have a kitchenette, hall and a bedroom. These are typically preferred for long stays where the traveller would want to use the kitchen for cooking purposes. […]

Best Street food around the world you must try

1. Arepas Where to Eat It: Bogotá Ordinarily had for breakfast or as an evening nibble, arepas are filling flatbreads produced using maize or flour that can be flame broiled, prepared, or seared to pillowy flawlessness. In spite of the fact that arepas are regularly used to make sandwiches in Venezuela, that is not the […]